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Updated: Jul 25, 2020


Just a wee update as everything changes once again. From Saturday 1st August we will be back at markets, proper, in real life, markets. Buzzin (kinda). For me the thought of being outside with proper real people freaks me out a bit. I want to be able to shop/get coffee and dip ASAP. Enter MARKET COLLECTIONS.

Our shop is live from Saturday to Tuesday now with markets in mind. Whilst the shop is live you are able to select the option to click and collect at markets. You do not have to buy a whole case of kombucha. You can select multiple bits and pieces , add them to your basket, leave us a note to say if you want the items bagged or not (less waste) and then collect from whichever market we are attending that week if we are attending a market.

When you hit the checkout simply select MARKET COLLECTION and add a note for bags or no bags. All market dates and times will be on our facebook and instagram pages so please follow us if you wish to use this service to keep up to date with what's happening.

As I said above our online shop is open Saturday - Tuesday with markets generally being held on the Saturday 4 days later. Now that markets are back up and running we can roll out our bottle return scheme. The return scheme allows us more control over recycling and reusing the glass we have already put out into the market. To return your bottles after use please make sure they have been cleaned (ideally with labels removed) and dried. Make sure they are our new glass bottles these are smooth and have no ridges*. Please rinse your bottle immediately after use if you wish to return it as the yeasts in kombucha sticks and harden to the bottom making it impossible to remove. Dirty bottles will not be accepted under any circumstances. On returning your bottles you will be issued with a card, the card must be stamped (1 bottle = 1 stamp = 1 prayer) at the point of return and once you have collected 20 stamps you can pick a bottle of kombucha to have for free (this again will have to be collected at market or from kombucha HQ in Ladybank). We are hoping to roll out the return scheme through a couple of stockists and are rolling it out with The Little Green Larder in the coming weeks as a trial. If you are interested in becoming a return point feel free to let me know. You can also arrange to drop your glass to me in Ladybank if you are passing or live close by.

With everything easing back to normal there have been some changes made to our shipping, courier prices have increased slightly inline with them increasing steadily for the past few months. Free delivery is also only available in NE Fife now. We will also be starting kombucha subscriptions with the opportunity to save some cash and have kombucha delivered without having to think about it. Winner!

Thank you for being so patient throughout this weird time. I so hope to see you at a market soon!

*These old style bottles would be better up cycled into vases.

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