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2319 WE HAVE A 2319

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Well, we have completed our first week of official lockdown. Since uni got cancelled I've actually been in quarantine for two weeks. Hyasper is buzzing that we are home all day everyday (James not so much). So whats happened the past two weeks? Bar loads of "resting" ofc.

Everything is clean.

Me, the house, the dog - everything. It's strange. We've gone from living at 100 miles a minute and "not having time" to do anything to cleaning the walls just for funsies. It's gid.

Confession/pro-tip: haven't tackled the "to do" list yet, why? Seems like this quarantine is gonna last a prettttttty long time and once those jobs are done they aren't gonna build back up again. These lists are left till last, make no exception to that rule now.

We discovered village life.

Eh? I am awful for being set in my ways. I've walked Hyasper in the same woods for the past two years. James showed me his running route at the start of the week and it goes through a beautiful wood next to the golf course. My auntie used to take us to these woods to walk her dogs when we were younger and this whole time I've been going to the other woods thinking that they were infact those woods. Sweet youthful nostalgia. I also discovered the water tower that Lisa from East Neuk Orchards loves and I can confirm its stunning. Hyasper is buzzed, these woods have way more sticks too which means more encounters with the two stick problem - an issue whereby you have two sticks but can only carry one but can't make up your mind which one to keep and which one to leave behind.I get so excited to go for our walk now and I fully understand why dogs get so excited about going for a walk.

I've eaten my weight in rubbish...

...And kombucha. I was complaining that I never get to drink enough of my coffee kombucha but that's changed now. FYI its amazing. We've also been filling up on my lovely mates baking. Rowena normally bakes for Unorthodox Roasters (you can find her on ig @badasskitchenwitch) MY GOD is she great at baking. I have a freezer full of brownies and blood thats gonna be full of sugar aw yeeeeeh.

We are discovering 101 ways to use kombucha.

Facial toner, bread mix, vinegar, cleaning stuff the list goes on and you can be sure I'm gonna try every single one. SCOBY face masks are also a winner if slightly cold and slimy. I'm gonna be a glowy lil baby once this quarantine is over. I wasn't gonna dump 40 litres of over fermented kombucha now was I?? Betty is gonna keep guzzling away n with a bit of luck i'll have so many cool new projects to keep me occupied till this all blows over.

This week we are gonna attempt to go shopping, take some cool new kombucha photos and possibly shave my head. Who knows where the hilarity will take us. Until next time my dudes.

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